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Wasting time on repetitive tasks for every new project? Automate it with Whizzy, and focus on the actual business logic. Design your app with the help of AI, and let Whizzy build your codebase. Generate your next Laravel application in seconds, batteries included.

AI-powered data modeling

The days of manually defining your models, attributes and relationships are over. Describe the purpose of your application and generate a data model in seconds using the power of AI, complete with attribute types and relationships.

Laravel configuration

Configure your Laravel application settings from the Whizzy UI. Choose your favorite mailer, testing framework, code analyzer and debugging tools. Dependencies are automatically installed, so you can start coding right away.

Migrations and models

Tweak the AI-generated data model, or add any models and attributes. Attribute types are magically derived from their name. Whizzy generates the database migrations and Eloquent models for you, including relationships and casts.

Filament panels and resources

Choose a template to set up a SaaS platform with multitenancy, an admin panel, or start from scratch with custom panels. Resources are automatically generated from your models, including form, infolist, table, relation managers, and more.


Need to set up Filament’s multitenancy feature for a panel? Simply choose the user model’s tenant relationship, and Whizzy takes care of the rest. No matter if your tenant is named team, organization, or company, it just works.


Coming soon

Looking to receive payments for your SaaS application? Choose from a list of payment providers like Stripe, Paddle, or Lemon Squeezy. Whizzy will generate the necessary code to integrate billing into your Filament panel.


Git repository

Whizzy generates your application as a Git repository. Each step is committed separately, so you can easily track the changes. The repository can be pushed straight to your GitHub account, or downloaded as a ZIP file.

Continuous integration

Ensure the quality of your codebase with continuous integration. Whizzy generates workflow configuration files for fixing code style, running code analysis, executing tests, and building assets. All ready and passing from the first push.

Made for you,
Filament developers.

As maintainer of Filament, I see the impact of the framework. Thousands of developers are building beautiful, functional web applications in record time. Still, we’re repeating the same steps over and over again for every project: designing the data model, setting up migrations and models, installing Filament, creating panels and resources, setting up multitenancy and billing, configuring CI, and the list goes on. That’s why I built Whizzy: to push your productivity beyond what frameworks already offer.

Zep Fietje
Zep Fietje
Designer of Filament
Founder of Whizzy

Filament was built to make your domains front and center in your codebase, not generic UI components. Whizzy’s generation tools supplement that by starting to describe your domains to Filament, wrapped up in a really neat interface to control everything.

Dan Harrin
Dan Harrin
Founder of Filament

Whizzy generated my first Laravel 11 app in less than a minute 🤯, complete with 2 Filament panels and a bunch of models. I went from nothing to code on GitHub and a working local dev environment in about 10 minutes.

Simon Hamp
Simon Hamp
Founder of Laradir

Whizzy saves a stupid amount of time scaffolding out a project. The AI features help you iterate upon your initial idea and let you hit the ground running. Totally recommend it.

Helge Sverre
Helge Sverre
VP of Engineering at Crescat

Whizzy has significantly streamlined my workflow, saving a ton of development hours. It’s an essential asset for anyone utilizing Filament. Absolutely worth the investment.

Trevor Greenleaf
Trevor Greenleaf
Designer and Developer

I’ve used many project generators, but none match the quality and efficiency of Whizzy. Whizzy saves me a lot of time by kick-starting my freelance projects. It provides a perfect starting point, tailored to my needs.

Lorenso D’Agostino
Lorenso D’Agostino
Founder of D’Agostino Digital

I was pleasantly surprised when I first used Whizzy; it reduces the time to scaffold an application from days to minutes. Whizzy doesn’t just set up some migrations and models; it’ll completely set up your next SaaS app, batteries included. 🤯

Dennis van Dalen
Dennis van Dalen
Indie Maker


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Starting a new Filament project? Whizzy gives you an instant head start. Pay for your project once, and keep tweaking until you’re satisfied with the result. Forgot to add a model, or waiting for a new Whizzy feature? No problem, just regenerate your project for free.

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  • Unlimited generations—generate your project as many times as needed until you’re happy.

  • Free updates—update your project with new features by regenerating your project for free.

  • Feature requests—propose new features and use them in your project as soon as they’re available.

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